Wanza’s Curly Afro

A quick tutorial of how I achieved my curly afro.

Hey loves, so I made this afro that I was amazed with and you can totally try it.

I was so excited to finally have an afro. I mean, if I told you how many times I tried to achieve an afro and it back fired on my face, I can’t even count. Having soft curly hair with little volume means getting or achieving an afro would be impossible or close to impossible simply because, your hair can’t ‘stand’, its not firm, it just wants to fall down because its light. But I did it guys, I did it! Try it out!


  • I washed my hair with Dove conditoner and then treated my hair (I’ll confirm he name)
  •  Dried my hair with a cotton t-shirt (Never use a towel, its tough on your hair & encourages shedding)
  •  Used Dark&Lovely Amla Oil and Tropical Coconut Oil to make Loose Chunky Flat Twists.
  • -By morning the were half way dry so I opened them up and then the second day in the evening I did Loose Chunky Twists with just  Dark&Lovely Amla Oil and thus achieved this look by the 3rd day in the morning.

P.S – My hair is soft and doesn’t have as much volume hence the reason for achieving this look after two days.

– If your hair is 4A, 4B, 4C or just has alot of volume, then you can achieve this afro after the first Twits.
Anyway, hope that is something you can try. Have a beautiful hair day!

Treat your hair regularly and have fun with it!





Photography By : Capturing Moments


Of Up-dos

Some simple updos for your natural hair! 🙂

A lot of times as ladies, whether naturalistas or not, we like our hair up. Be it, braids, weaves, natural hair, all these and more. Its stylish and up-dos simply make a statement.

I myself love up-dos, I actually think I wear my hair up more often than I do down.

Here are some up-dos I have managed to capture in my days of up-dos. Enjoy!

Style 1:


This is a simple up-do. All I did was make a lose flat twist on the right and pin it up in the enter and just twisted the other side up to the center too and tied it up with a thin strand to make the cute puff at the top. I lightly brushed my edges and that was it! Quick and simple!

Style 2:


I just love this photo! I miss my dyed hair!

Anyway, this on is simple. As you can see the strand around my hair. I rolled it around twice and pushed the back up and secured it with bobby pins.

Style 4:


Talk about chunky bantu knots!

Here I used a bandanna and I always like my bandanna ironed because when you fold it after ironing it comes out so neat. Though it also looks good sometimes when messy.

As you can see, I sectioned my hair, some at the front and the rest at the back and tied the bandanna in the middle. I also raised the back with bobby pins to make it an up-do.

Style 5:


This is really pretty and its a side up-do from flat twit-outs. Luckily I have a video for this.

Side up-do tutorial



















Simply Fierce!

Being a simple girl who wears eyeliner and lipstick only everyday or just lip gloss sometimes, I definitely enjoy when my sister asks if she can do my make up for a shoot. It gets me all excited that I get to look different and I get to pose and act all pretty in front of the camera, sort of like getting a new personality.DSC_2302_Fotor


So this is a fierce yet not too fierce look by Kalimali Afrika King’oo.

I like how she did my eyebrows. Being a girl who doesn’t cut or shape my eyebrows, I really like that she still made them look as though they were shaped.


And can we talk about the hairstyle?  Don’t you just love it?… Innocent but fierce right?The pussycat up-do goes so well with the look, I love it! My hair was on a 2nd day bantu knot-out so the puff was better.

Transformation 101 is what I called it. From the blending to the contouring, the foundation blending with my skin color. The lipstick and how it pops …anyway, I’m just mentioning. I’m not the best with makeup but I just loved this look and had to share.

This was a start with something different, hope you like it and stay on for more

Love Wanza… :*

Model: Wanza King’oo

MUA: Abigael King’oo – Kalimali Afrika – Facebook